What is senior citizens card and what is its status in KSRTC?

What is senior citizens card and what is its status in KSRTC?

Senior citizens card is a card employed to old people in India by the state government to improve their welfare. The aim is to provide a good quality of life to those who don’t have any more energy to work. There are many old people who have no source of income or pension in their old-age. The senior citizen card comes as a saviour for all these people. A considerable economic restraint is removed from the shoulders od old people. There are many benefits such as tax relaxation, medical scheme’s, reduced fair of airways and railways etc.

Senior citizens card is essential in many states to enjoy the benefits given to older people. This card is issued following different processes in different nations, however, the basic steps remain the same everywhere. To help older section of society various toll-free helpline services are also in action.

What is KSRTC?

KSRTC is also known as Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation. This is a government handled association of transportation services. It comes under the services of the state government of Karnataka, India. This state government-controlled corporation holds the largest Volvo buses fleet as compared to any other state in India. It provides various travelling services to the local people, habited in Karnataka.

What is the status of senior citizens card in KSRTC?

The state government of Karnataka and Karnataka State Road Transport corporation have together made it easier for senior citizens to travel. They have decided to stop distribution of any new senior citizens cards to the old section of society as of the year 2018. They have made the process of receiving the benefits of old age much simpler than senior citizens card. Now any valid identity proof provided by the government can be used to avail the discounts on travelling services in Karnataka.

According to KSRTC, the people who are older than 60 years of age can avail a discount of 25% while travelling. This can be done by showing any of the government-approved identity card as age proof such as driver’s license, aadhar card, passport, voter’s ID etc.

The identity proof which is issued by PSU is also valid. PSU is also known as public sector undertakings which usually falls under the control of union government. The identity issued by PSU must contain the date of birth of the individual, the senior citizen directorate ID or welfare of disabled ID, the year of birth, along with photographs of the senior citizen to be considered as a valid proof, for availing the travelling discount by the senior citizen without senior citizens card.

Some facts:

  • The state-wise data shows Kerala holds the highest population of senior citizens in India. This is followed closely by Goa and Tamil Nadu.
  • Prevalence of heart disease in old people is higher. Therefore, the medical benefits of senior citizens card are extremely useful.
  • The dependency rate in India on old age has climbed upwards from 10.9% in 1961 to 14.2% in 2011.

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