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Tips of lowering Life insurance premium charges | Tips & Advice


Tips of lowering Life insurance premium charges: There are different ways how you can lower your Life insurance premium charges. But before you look into these ways, you need to ascertain twice if these insurance covers will really benefit you or not. Let us now look into few ways how we can go about lowering the rates.

If you are into sports and participate regularly in extreme or high risk activities, you are more likely to invite higher insurance premium charges as compared to other sports where lesser risks are involved.

Considering this case scenario you will do well to shift your focus onto lower risk sports. That’s not all; you can lower premium charges on insurance covers considerably if you can get them from providers who have supplied you with other policies in the past.

Also, if your occupation forces you to get exposed to hazardous materials the insurance rates and thus the premiums will be higher. So, you will be better off to switch over to another profession where there are less risks involved.

If you have the history excellent credit rating then you can lower the premium rates by lowering the insurance charges levied on you. This is largely because Indian insurance companies believe defaulters are largely irresponsible and can pose serious risk to them. Thus the premium becomes more expensive for them.

Another way to lower your premium charges is to shop around and compare different insurance plans. Yes, that’s right. By doing so, you will get different quotes. Each of them will charge you different premium rates and thereby giving you an option to choose the one that suits you.

It is a known fact that bad habits like drinking and smoking can raise premiums. So, you can get rid of these habits to lower your rates to a level that is affordable by you.

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